Guide to Personal Essay Writing & Common Mistakes to Avoid

Most students in college students get tasked with writing a personal essay, and most feel the chills down their spines when they receive the news. Do not shiver as it is not a difficult text to jot.

It is a type of essay that aims to narrate your experiences to the audience you target. It may be a story of your life or a thought that has sprung your mind. It could be an idea of an opinion fed directly to your head. An individual can get either inspiring or depressing to the readers of the text. That calls for total responsibility for your pieces. If you consider getting some help online, check here to read about low-quality services to avoid, and find out some highlighted mistakes that interfere writers from coming up with compelling pieces.

Common mistakes in personal essay writing

  1. Lack of or inadequate organization

You must get your text organized in the best form it can. Get a list of all the necessary things you would wish to touch on in your essay. It will save you from wasting time.

  1. Dull subjects or topics

When you want your text to get as compelling as you imagine it, the trick here is to choose the topic well. You have that you will write a captivating story for the targeted audience. Once again, be sure to select a good topic and more, so, a relevant one.

  1. Disjointed structure

If you swerve off the road of the required organization, you risk losing the direction and point of the whole project. You must get all the elements that will steer you towards achieving the set goals of your text to make it as fascinating as it can get. It will help you be straight to the point.

  1. Absenteeism of morality

Write down a lesson that the readers can take from going through your text. In the process of explaining your story, normalize telling your audience how it impacted your life or personality. Also, tell the reader how the piece can be helpful to them.

Familiarize yourself with the outlook of the personal essay to help you speed up your process of writing. It entails the following:

  • Introduction

You must put the topic to light first before anything. Explain the aim of your narration and clearly state the results that the audience will get at the end of the reading. Utilize a catchy statement to hook the audience to the piece.

  • Body

It houses the main paragraphs of the writing, and the length is dependent on the number of points that the writer has. Initialize every block with a statement of the topic and dive straight to details in support of it.

  • Conclusion

Close up the essay through a summary of the critical points, as stated in the body, and be sure not to add any new information in this section as it will get confusing to the readers.

Format of a Personal Essay

It is simple to write and does not have many rules. You achieve this by selecting a topic that is not dull. It should invoke conflict within the consumer of your writing and should be one that impacted your life in one way or another.

  • Narrate from your angle and avoid using someone else’s thoughts from other texts.
  • Build your characters in the story by making their characteristics as real as possible.
  • Apply the use of literary tools to make it compelling.

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