Mission & History

HER KIND is named after the eponymous poem by the late, great Anne Sexton.

HER KIND, a literary community powered by VIDA: Women in Literary Arts, was launched in May 2012.

Founded in 2009, VIDA is a national literary organization seeking “to explore critical and cultural perceptions of writing by women through meaningful conversation and the exchange of ideas among existing and emerging literary communities.”

To explain our mission a little further, VIDA provides a space for female writers of literature to engage in conversations regarding the critical reception of women’s creative writing in our current culture. We also hope to spur writers on with their creative work, providing a larger sense of community for women and those who care about women’s voices in literature. Most of all, VIDA is inclusive: the writers involved represent practically every identity and aesthetic out there. So much of the pleasure of being involved with VIDA has been engaging with people in parts of the literary world we didn’t know well before.

HER KIND is VIDA’s next big step. It serves as a forum to create lively conversation about issues that are often dismissed or overlooked by the mainstream media. We wish to honor the experiences of women writers and hope HER KIND will be an agent for positive social change, encouraging women to define their own terms regarding the importance and value of women’s voices. Funny, thorny, contemplative, savvy—HER KIND provides a myriad of voices and aesthetic approaches for readers.

In short, we at VIDA know women writers are smart. And we’ve had to be more than capable to make writing central in our busy lives. Just imagine the positive influence we’re bound to create when we come together as a community.