Lady in the House Questions: Kelli Russell Agodon

What is your relationship to the natural world? And do you bring the natural world into your writing? As I answer this, I’m looking out my window at a madrona tree with its peeling bark, huge areas of blackberry bramble, and low-growing ferns, all while listening to a crow and eagle have it out somewhere near this cabin on a hill. Because I live in the Northwest, and particularly in a small rural town where you have to commute by ferry to visit, my relationship with the natural world is intimate. We are more than dating, we are significant others. [Read more]

On Mountain Climbing and Mount Analogue: A Conversation with Charlotte Austin and Siolo Thompson

HER KIND: In Eleanor Lerman’s poem “Starfish“, the speaker ponders over an encounter with a fisherman, which leads to her to examine her past. What has challenged your perceptions or beliefs— perhaps a chance encounter?     SIOLO THOMPSON: One poem that has affected the course of my life is Rainer Maria Rilke’s “Archaic Torso of Apollo”. That poem seeded me with the notion that an object, a single, freestanding work of visual art, could be imbued with the power to make viewers examine their lives. I found that idea very seductive, so much so that I eventually gave up writing in [Read more]

Kool-Aid is Bad For You

Some years ago I had a reading with a babalawo, who, in the Yoruba tradition, ascertains the future through communicating with Orunmila, the orixa who rules over divination. Of all the spiritual readings I’ve had, it was this reading that struck the most. Though I am not at liberty to provide everything that was foretold, there is one foretelling that I’d like to share.  According to the shells, there were three items I most wished for. Three items, desires, wishes, that I needed to let go of.  Ok.  What are they? Sorry the shells did not of course give the [Read more]

Photo Gallery: Fallon & Lessley

Siobhan and daughter: Maeve Hrarena Castle   Siobhan and daughter in Riyadh mall, Saudi Arabia   Siobhan: Amman City, Jordan   Siobhan: Roman Theater in Amman   Siobhan: Jumeirah Mosque, Dubai   Shara: Wadi Rum (1)   Shara: Wadi Rum (2)   Shara: Welcome to Jordan  

Stars in Their Eyes: Hostesses and Net Idols in Japan

Walking the tight street of kabikucho, Shinjuku, I can’t help but notice her. To hide my interest, I lower my head ever so slightly to shelter my gaze at the curiosity before me. A svelte young women with curled hair cascading down her neck and shoulders like bronze tendrils; round face brushed with powder, blush, and faint eye shadow. Every part of her is decorated; even her manicured nails have tiny silver heart and star shaped charms glued to the pink background. Her tall heels click against the cement as she walks, grasping the arm of an older, grey haired [Read more]